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EQUINOX-3D™ / FusionEngine™ Web test

FusionEngine uses the same 3D library, renderers etc. as EQUINOX-3D, so what you see in EQX is exactly what you see in the engine.
Native file format support with the same I/O plugins, including full n-gon support (even polygons with holes!) and subdivision surfaces.
No file conversions, no lost information, super light-weight binaries (e.g. the .eqx plugin is a 100x smaller than the FBX plugin, and it supports more features!).
Ultra-fast, object-oriented C99 engine and plugin API with insanely fast startup times. We measure that in milliseconds!
You don't need a splash screen, because your users won't have time to read it!
No C# or other high-overhead languages, or 5-10 minute load and build times, like with some other engines (cough, Unity :) )
The Web version below is built with WebAssembly and WebGL.

- Left mouse button + move: orbit camera
- Middle buttom + move : track (pan) camera
- Scroll wheel: dolly camera
- 'R': cycle through renderers (wireframe, hidden line, advanced shaders)

Debug console

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