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  • VisoR1™ HMD (prototype) - A project under my robotics company:

    Skyline Robotics, LLC

    Just how much smaller is the VisoR1 than the competition? It fits inside the competition (Samsung Odyssey), with almost an inch to spare, all around!

    VisoR1™ HMD VisoR1™ VR headset vs. Samsung Odyssey

    Patent pending design.

    • Smallest and lightest headset in its class!

    • By far the highest resolution in its class, thanks to 2x 1.6k OLED panels and high quality optics (no wasted pixels, unlike competitors).

    • OLED version: 3.2k resolution! 3200x1440 (1600x1440 per eye) @ 90Hz

    • LCD version: resolution 1280x1440 per eye @ 60Hz

    • High-end achromatic optics, made in Japan - no need for software chromatic aberration correction -> even better effective resolution!

    • Single, off-the shelf cable (HDMI "mini") for video, audio, USB and power! Using patent-pending custom adaptor.

    • Modular. Body length adjustable for different FOV lenses (middle section removable). Different tracker options.

    • Adjustable focus and IPD.

    • Flip-up design makes it easy and safe to pick up controllers etc. No stumbling around "blindly".

    • Electronic feedback for automatic software adjustment.

    • 6-DOF Magnetic tracking with no line-of-sight limitation and multiple sensors (full body tracking)

    • Plug and plaw with EQUINOX-3D!. You can see your 3D scene / CAD design in VR!

RR™ / TR™ view ("double-R" = remote reality, or TR : tele-reality; trademarks of Gabor Nagy).
This is what the user sees through our robot's eyes (3D stereo from 2 cameras + 3D HUD).
(Actual screenshot from the HMD. Click image for higher resolution).
The pitch ladder, bank indicator, attitude ball and compass, are functional, live instruments.
The image with the red circle is a placeholder pic from the Web.
Note that the image has no chromatic aberration correction, as our HMD doesn't require it.
So, if you view it in a consumer HMD, you may see color artifacts and distortion, due to the poor quality optics in those devices.
We are working on precise camera calibration that will eliminate the slight color differences between the left and right views.
Skyline Robotics SR-1™ humanoid's view, throuh a VisoR1™ HMD

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