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Before downloading EQUINOX-3D, please see the licensing page and please, like the the EQUINOX-3D Facebook page.

Manual with clickable table of contents, and quick-reference guide. Both in PDF format:

Linux (x86 64 bit) - Download: EQUINOX-3D v0.9.7.23, Linux

Just extract the file: right-click->Extract (in KDE), or in a shell, type:

 tar xzvf equinox3d-0.9.7*.tgz
The main executable will be "eqx" in the newly created directory. You can run that from a shell, or create an icon for it in KDE/Gnome, using the image "eqx.png".

Mac OS-X (Intel-based Macs)
Coming soon!
Please check back in a week or so!

To download the example files, save the link below (in Netscape: Shift+left mouse button, or right mouse button->"Save As...")

You can install the examples anywhere by typing:
 tar xzvf equinox-3d.examples.tgz
Way better example scenes coming soon!

To download the program, save the link appropriate for your operating system:
The package contains the following:
  • Main executeable
  • Plugins
  • Most of the source code

As of version 0.9.0, EQUINOX-3D is "installation-free" on all operating systems.
All you need to do is extract the downloaded file and you're ready to run EQUINOX-3D.
It's clean and self-contained. No files all over your system.

IRIX - Download: EQUINOX-3D v0.7.45, SGI IRIX 6.5 MIPS4 (CPU>=R5000)

Type the following (replace "package_name" with the name of the of the file you downloaded):

 gunzip package_name
This will create a new file with a ".tar" extension, which now you can unpack with:
 tar xvf name_of_this_new_file
The main executable will be "bin/eq" in the newly created directory.

System requirements to run EQUINOX-3D:

  • At least a 1 GHz P4, Athlon or equivalent (you didn't expect the interactive ray-tracer to be usable on an i386, right? :)).

  • Minimum screen resolution: 1152x864 (1280x1024, 1600x1200 or higher recommended).

  • OpenGL needs to be installed ("" and "" must be accessible).
    While EQUINOX-3D will run with Mesa, Hardware 3D-acceleration is strongly recommended.
    EQUINOX-3D has been mostly tested on nVidia cards (GeForce2, 3 and 4, FX etc.).
    If you're running it successfully on other 3D cards, I'd be happy to hear from you.

  • A 3-button mouse

  • On Mac OS-X, you'll need an X-server (X11) installed.

To be able to compile the plugins, you also need the header files for OpenGL and X11.

You can find a rough sketch of the plugin API on the Help page (it's a work in progress). You can also use the provided plugin source code as template.
The source code with the Makefile for the plugins will be in the "src/Plugins" directory.
To add a new plugin, just edit the file: "Plugins/Plugins.list". It's a simple text file and really easy to understand.

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