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EQUINOX-3D movie gallery

Click on thumbnail images below to download movies.
All 3D models were created (except as noted), animated and all movies were rendered in EQUINOX-3D.

EQUINOX-3D 3D CAD rendering photorealism, photorealistic human face, CGI human, facial expressions, happy, sad, blendshape animation.
Face and teeth meshes + textures from Eye models, shaders and rendering by Gabor Nagy.
It's also on YouTube

EQUINOX-3D 3D CAD rendering photorealism, subsurface scattering.
Stanford dragon model rendered with subsurface scattering. Shaders and rendering by Gabor Nagy.

EQUINOX-3D Functional hexapod with mechanical simulation, based on LinMot linear actuators.
LinMot linear motor-based hexapod model. Only the top platform was keyframe-animated. The linear motors are moved by mechanical simulation. Also on YouTube

EQUINOX-3D Helicopter animation.
Helicopter start-up and take-off.
Thanks to hdrihaven for the great HDR environment image!

EQUINOX-3D Water siimulation with reflected + transmitted caustics and physically-based materials.
Water simulation with caustics and
physically-based materials.

EQUINOX-3D Phisically accurate glasses with volumetric light absorption, HDR environment light and depth-of-field.
Physically accurate glass, depth of field
HDR environment light.

EQUINOX-3D LEGO with rigid-body simulation, depth of field, motion blur and global illumination.
Physics simulation, depth of field,
motion blur.

EQUINOX-3D Fan with beams of light and volume shadows.
Participating medium / volume rendering
Volume shadows.

EQUINOX-3D Pool caustics
Animated pool waves with caustics.
By Gabor Nagy.

EQUINOX-3D Rigid-body simulation
By Gabor Nagy

By Gabor Nagy

By Gabor Nagy

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