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EQUINOX-3D movie gallery

Click on thumbnail images below to download movies.
All 3D models were created, animated and all movies were rendered in EQUINOX-3D.

EQUINOX-3D Functional hexapod with mechanical simulation, based on LinMot linear actuators.
LinMot linear motor-based hexapod model.
Only the the top platform was keyframe-animated. The linear motors are moved by mechanical simulation.
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EQUINOX-3D Water siimulation with reflected + transmitted caustics and physically-based materials.
Water simulation with caustics and
physically-based materials

EQUINOX-3D Helicopter animation.
Helicopter start-up and take-off.
Thanks to hdrihaven for the great HDR environment image!

EQUINOX-3D Phisically accurate glasses with volumetric light absorption, HDR environment light and depth-of-field.
Physically accurate glass, depth of field
HDR environment light.

EQUINOX-3D LEGO with rigid-body simulation, depth of field, motion blur and global illumination.
Physics simulation, depth of field,
motion blur.

EQUINOX-3D Fan with beams of light and volume shadows.
Participating medium / volume rendering
Volume shadows.

EQUINOX-3D Pool caustics
By Gabor Nagy

EQUINOX-3D Rigid-body simulation
By Gabor Nagy

By Gabor Nagy

By Gabor Nagy

The fan scene was rendered with the upcoming volume renderer (participating media) feature.
The spheres and block simulation was rendered in real-time, using Cg and the upcoming physics simulation plugin

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