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EQUINOX-3D Screenshots

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All 3D scenes were created with EQUINOX-3D.

Female humanoid robot

Work in progress. Started from a hemisphere for the head and a front and side view of a reference drawing of the female body, and primarily used these tools:
  • Edit polygons
  • Mirror
  • Revolve
  • Subdivision surface
To cut the body into movable segments, I used:
  • Extrude along Spline with the new Snap to surface feature.
  • Boolean (not released yet)
EQUINOX 3D Robot, work in progress (Gabor Nagy)

EQUINOX 3D Tesla Model S, work in progress (Gabor Nagy). Working on a Tesla Model S

(So far completely from memory. Time to grab some reference photos...) Started from a half cube and using
  • Edit Polygons
  • Mirror
  • Subdivision surface

VR support!
  • Side-by-side stereo 3D rendering and lens correction (distortion, chromatic aberration, IPD).

  • You can create a "detached" 3D window, make it full-screen (Ctrl-F) and move it to the screen of the VR headset.

EQUINOX 3D Functional hexapod 3D model with LinMot linear actuators. Fully functional hexapod, with LinMot direct-drive linear actuators.

Using the following tools:
  • Orient toward Model mechanical constraints
  • Revolve
  • Extrude
  • Extrude along Spline, with X and Y scaling (guide) Splines.
  • Boolean
  • Offset Spline
  • Mirror Spline
EQUINOX 3D Functional hexapod 3D model with LinMot linear actuators.

3D text tool test with international characters.
The tool generates (Spline) Faces that you can extrude, to get thickness and end bevels.

    Bullozer sketch

    Work in progress. Primarily using these tools:
    • Draw Bezier curve
    • Mirror
    • Extrude
    • Convert to Face
    • Attach hole to Face
    • Revolve
    • Clone along shape to repeat the track links along the track Spline.
    • Orient toward Model
    EQUINOX 3D Bulldozer, work in progress (Gabor Nagy)

    EQUINOX 3D Spitfire, work in progress by Andrew Beardmore, U.K.
    Spitfire model (a work in progress) by Andrew Beardmore in England.
    He used the Skin tool and the Mirror tool.

    R22 helicopter model (work in progress)
    Using the Skin, Mirror and Revolve tools.

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