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High-resolution posters of images like this are available:
It's a great teaching aid / learning tool for flight schools and student pilots!
Even seasoned pilots can get a new perspective on their airspaces.

 Glossy (19"x13" / 48cm x 33cm):           $11.99+shipping
 Laminated (16"x11.5" / 40.5cm x 29.5cm):  $14.99+shipping
To order, send a check or money order to:
 Gabor Nagy
 1521 Lago St. #11
 San Mateo, CA 94403

Shipping is $5 within California and $7 for the rest of the continental U.S.

Please indicate whether you'd like a glossy or a laminated poster.

The poster is also being sold at the San Carlos (CA) airport pilot shop.

Larger sizes, other views, other airspaces and fly-through animation videos are available on request at:

All 3D modeling and rendering was done with EQUINOX-3D.

How the poster was made

I wrote a plugin for EQUINOX-3D that can read digital elevation maps (DEMs, e.g. the USGS GTOPO-30 data set) and map satellite images on them.
Starting from the raw Landsat-7 satellite images (courtesy of the University of Maryland, Global Land Cover Facility), and using another custom tool, along with some open-source libraries (libgeotiff and libproj4), the individual images were combined to create a seamless, color composite image that could be mapped on the DEM.
This involved:

  • Re-projecting (from Universal Transverse Mercator to Mercator projection) and mosaic-ing the source images into the composite map with pixel-warping (pixel->quadrangle)

  • Correcting for the difference in the time of day (the Sun's elevation) on the individual images

  • Merging the 3 visible bands (3 separate, gray-scale images):

  • Performing color correction and other adjustments to remove the atmospheric scattering effect (blue-green haze) and improve color balance and contrast

  • Filling in the areas with no satellite coverage:
Then I built the airspaces and rendered the images with EQUINOX-3D:

A 3D model with elevations (relief map) and textures (you need EQUINOX-3D to view it)
None of the above should be used for navigation!

Also, check out these excellent real, physical models of airspaces!
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My personalized checklists in an OpenOffice 1.1 / PDF:

Disclaimer: Use the above checklists or their further customized versions at your own risk!
I take no responsibility as to their completeness or correctness (some of them are known to be incomplete and they don't contain the pre-flight inspection items).
As always, the final responsibility rests on the shoulders of the PIC (Pilot In Command)!
Comments, corrections are welcome.
Copying: you can freely print and copy the checklists as long as you keep the credits info.

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