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The Application Programming Interface (API).

Creating user interface for a plugin (adding menu buttons etc.)

EQUINOX-3D uses the platform-independent GUI library, called EGUI.
This library is capable of creating menus, dialog boxes etc.
The most common GUI element you will need is probably a menu or ToolPanel button that activates a function in your plugin.

For example:

 XeAddPushButton("Tool->Transform", "Origin to ctr", '\0',
  "Move local origins of Models to the center.",
  _CB_OriginToCenter, (EPointer)0);

The above call will add a button to the "Transform" folder of the ToolPanel, labeled "Origin to ctr".
"Move Model's local origin to\nthe center of its geometries" is the tool-tip (bubble help) that will appear around the button if the user rests the pointer on the button for a few seconds. Note that the '\n' (new line) code is accepted in strings.

The function _OriginToCenter() will be called when the user activates this button.
_OriginToCenter() has to be defined like this:
 void _OriginToCenter(EguiItem PItem, EPointer PClientData,
                         EPointer PCallData)
The string, "Tool->Transform" is the so called location name.
These are the valid GUI location names:

Top (main) menubar

Vertical menubar


See the source code included in the downloaded package (src folder), for examples and more details.

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