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Gabor Nagy.
San Mateo, California

I'm a software architect and electrical engineer (CS+EE double degree) with 15+ years of experience, potentially seeking a software architect or lead engineer position in the 3D graphics and animation, VR/AR or robotics fields, preferably in a Microsoft-free environment.
I've designed and built my first printed circuit board at 11 and sold my first software at 15, to the largest distributor in the country.
I'm lucky to be able to combine my passions and expertise for CS and EE and my obsession with learning, building cutting-edge humanoid robots and learning mechanical engineering, neuroscience, anatomy and AI.

Main skills:
  • Designing and building highly efficient, robust extremely complex software and hardware systems for 3D modeling, rendering and animation research and development, VR/AR and robotics. Single-handedly architecting and developing EQUINOX-3D (see main page).

  • Advanced, heterogeneous parallel programming. CPU + GPU, pthreads, OpenCL, OpenGL etc. (EQUINOX-3D scales almost perfecly linearly to many cores and GPUs).

  • Virtual reality, augmented reality. Designed and built my own, patent pending VR headset, created software.

  • Real-time asynchronous video processing, machine vision, augmented reality / RR™ (pronounced "double R" = "Remote Reality" - trademark of Gabor Nagy). Building a teleoperated humanoid robot project with HMD control, stereo vision and 3D HUD.

  • Scientific visualization, terrain rendering, satellite image processing, realtime weather imagery in 3D. See here and here

  • User interface design and implementation (wrote my own GUI toolkit, called Xe and created the GUI for EQUINOX-3D etc.).

  • Electronics hardware, PCB design.

  • Robotics and mechanical design.

  • CAD/CAM, 3D printing and CNC machining (EQUINOX-3D has many advanced CAD/CAM features).

  • Image processing, HDR: wrote EPaint and 2DLib (a library used by EQUINOX-3D and EPaint).

  • Network programming (TCP/IP sockets, UDP, signal-driven, muilti-threaded design).

  • UNIX / Linux / Mac OS-X sytem administration.

  • Android development.

  • 3D artwork. See here and here

  • Web design (designed this Web site).

Programming languages and systems:
  • Assembly, C/C++, Cg, GLSL, Java/JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, OpenGL, WebGL, WebAssembly, OpenCL, Android, Xt, X11, Xe, Unity 3D,
    Sony PlayStation-3 (I created the 3D environment (artwork and programming) for the famous duck demo, shown at the introduction of the PlayStation-3 at E3 of 2005 and I did all the rendering for the 2006 GDC keynote's Fish demo).

  • 2018-present Facebook. Senior 3D graphics engineer, Social VR.

  • 2017-2018 Magic Leap. Senior 3D graphics engineer.

  • 2013-present Skyline Robotics, LLC and Founder and CEO, in San Mateo, CA. Building cutting-edge humanoid robots and developing EQUINOX-3D

  • 1998-2013 Sony Computer Entertainment America in Foster City, CA. R&D group: interactive 3D graphics, scene-graph API, real-time photorealistic rendering (including global illumination with spherical harmonics).
    I was also one of the main architects of COLLADA, and lead the COLLADA physics effort.
    I also teach classes on 3D programming, from modelling to rendering and animation.

  • 1996-1998 Alias|Wavefront Toronto, Canada: 3D modeler development (Power Animator and Maya).

  • 1994-1996 SEGA of Japan in Tokyo: Virtual Reality research.

  • 2010 Inferring Caravaggio's studio lighting and praxis in The calling of St. Matthew by computer graphics modeling.
    International society for optics and photonics (SPIE) conference. Co-author David G. Stork.

  • 2000 Real-time shadows on complex objects (Game Programming Gems, by Charles River Media).

  • 2000 Convincing-looking glass for games (Game Programming Gems).

 I hold 3 granted patents, a 4th one (for VR/AR), is pending and a 5th one (robotics), is in the works.

  • English (fluent).

  • Hungarian (native).

  • Japanese (very basic).

Other interests:
  • Flying. I'm a ~900-hour private pilot with an (airplane) instrument rating and a helicopter rating. See flying and flying pics..

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